Sandrine Nyinawumuntu


--I'm Sandrine Nyinawumuntu , 19 years old and graduated last year with an A level certificate as a young college girl i had a lot of duties at school and won a lot of certificates of my accomplishments i respect people, i always want to discover , i read a lot and make a lot of researches through my research i came to find out Hire her application i was interested to get my first step and apply.I not afraid to say this i'm a disciplined girl , i respect people and time cause with everystep i take in my life time conquers everything with my dream ambition i love bussiness with all my heart that's why i can sacrifice everything to take that step have a lot of experiences .I help my parents through their daily bussiness i always wish one day i'll contribute something to their bussiness and have mine too.I never give up my current profession as a student is using my knowledge i have to get skills.My weakness is working overtime i can never sleep without ending my duty i don't i try not to worry but my heart becomes safe when i don't have anywork left behind .I love a lot as any other nature but i help as my endless happiness. Thank you.